Welcome to the Eglise Evangélique du Réveil in Geneva !

It is with great joy that we welcome you among us! We hope that visiting our site will allow you to discover who we are and what we do; that you would find answers to some of your questions; and above all that you would feel welcome!

The congregation

The Eglise Evangélique du Réveil in Geneva (EER) is a multi-ethnic Christian community, which gathers together more than 400 people of approximately 50 different nationalities every Sunday. Newcomers experience an openness and adaptability which helps them feel quickly at home. We are united as a family because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our desire is that each person may know Him, discover His love, and grow in faith.

Worship services and Ministries

Every week a minimum of three worship services are organized at EER, at which everyone is gladly welcomed. The contemporary music style provides a time to worship the Lord and enjoy his presence. The themes of the sermons are prepared in order to best respond to today’s most pressing concerns, and there is a service especially for Youth every Friday night.

We invite you to join us to glorify God, experience him personally, and share the joy which Jesus Christ gives to those who come to Him. The Sunday morning services are translated simultaneously into multiple languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese). EER’s pastoral team is currently led by Pastor Walter Zanzen.

Furthermore, home groups meet during the course of the week for Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. The church is active in more than 20 ministries, and is particularly engaged in evangelization and humanitarian aide, both locally and internationally. Ten percent of revenues are committed to missions.

Organizations associated with EER

The EER is connected to the Union des Eglises Evangéliques du Réveil (UEER), which comprises 14 churches in Suisse Romande and 2 in Tessin (Ticino). It is also associated with major churches in other cantons as well as in France. Moreover, the church maintains amicable relations with all other Christian churches.